SUCO Technologies, Inc. offers pressure monitoring devices which have a variety of uses in different industries. Our products are designed to handle different situations and are useful in applications such as Filters, Blowers, Generators, Off-Road Equipment, Compressors, Turbines, Water Applications, Panels, and Pipelines.

Our pressure switches are specifically designed for alarm, shutdown, and control of many processes and equipment, and thus, work well in Electronics, Pipelines, Pumps and other instances in which regulation or monitoring of pressure is required.

Important things to consider and evaluate when looking for a pressure switch solution are Accuracy, Actuation Pressure, Electrical Load, Rate of Pressure Rise, and Medium to be Handled. Also important are Maximum Vibration, Maximum Shock, Operating Temperature and Environmental Sealing.


For mechanical and electronic pressure switches as well as transmitters there is no limitation due to the mounting position with regard to the accuracy of the pressure measurement.

However, other boundary conditions of the application may require a certain mounting position, e. g. horizontal installation to avoid waterlogging on the electrical connection or vertical installation to prevent debris from accumulating in the bor of the pressure connection.

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