SUCO pressure switches and SUCO pressure transmitters guarantee that your airport support and recreation vehicles are always functional and available for use. The control of the system pressure of the hydraulic circuit makes sure that all units work correctly.

High reliability and especially the overpressure safety of SUCO pressure monitoring components are an essential feature to manage pressure peaks in hydraulic systems.

Safety related applications in brake systems or steering systems need reliable pressure monitoring which operates immediately when required. SUCO pressure switches and SUCO pressure transmitters have been ensuring this for decades in all kinds of airport support and recreation vehicle applications.

Dirt, moist, cold (up to -40°C/F) or high temperature – SUCO pressure monitoring systems, e.g. with integrated connector and IP6K9K protection, provide reliable control of hydraulic systems under harshest conditions. This makes SUCO pressure products ideal for use directly in the drive gear or other exposed positions.

Highly precise functions such as monitoring the overload of lifting systems, cutting systems, hydraulic transportation systems and hydrostatic transmission are assured with the new range of SUCO pressure transmitters incorporating SoS technology.

Airport Support & Recreation Vehicles

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