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Pressure Switch for Food & Beverage Machinery Applications

  • SUCO Pressure Switch #0167 is used to control the Incoming Water Pressure of Coffee Machines that have a Water Supply with 3 bar, and protects the System from overheating by switching it off, if necessary.
  • Another Application that SUCO Pressure Switches are used is in Soda Jets Up to 1500 I Sparkling Water with One Cartridge of Carbonic Dioxide Gas suitable for Waiting Areas in Airports, Shopping Malls, Gastronomy, Offices, etc. The Pressure Switch controls the Incoming Water Pressure and shuts off the System if it exceeds the pre-defined setting.
  • Aircraft Galley Equipment such as the Water Boiler and Coffee Machine - SUCO Pressure Switch #0186
  • Dicing and Strip Cutting Machines - Capacity up to 1500 kg per hour. SUCO Pressure Switch #0140 and SUCO Pressure Switch #0180 are situated in the Valve Manifold above the Aggregate and are used to Monitor and Transmit Pressure.
  • Monitoring Water Connections – Combination Steamer roasts and stews simultaneous with Controlled Temperature and Steam Concentration - SUCO Pressure Switch #0186 and SUCO Pressure Switch #0167. SUCO Pressure Switch #0166 monitors if Water is available for the Steamer.


Other Machines

  • Paper Cutting Machines
  • Cold Forming Machines used for production of OEM parts (Auto Industry), Cylinder Head Screws, Surgical Instruments and Hydraulic parts to new a few. Pressure Switches are used to measure Hydraulic Pressure that defines the end of a Working Process - SUCO Pressure Switch #0159
  • Industrial Pressing Machines for Clothes - SUCO Pressure Switch #0167
  • CNC-Machine – Pressure Switches are used in the Pneumatic Circuit to control Door Movements, the Position of the Tools and the Gripping Devices.
  • Central Lubrication Systems – SUCO Pressure Switch #0190 is located at the end of the Feed Pipes of the Central Lubrication System. The Switch will monitor the Preset Pressure Point and signal the Control Unit that the Lubrication Process should be stopped.
  • CO2 – Laser Cutting (Gas Mixers) for CO2, Helium and Neon - SUCO Pressure Switch #0166 and SUCO Pressure Switch #0170
  • Continuous Ink Jet Printer – The Pressure Switch controls Pressure for a Safety Function - SUCO Pressure Switch #0196 and SUCO PressureSwitch #0620
  • Jewelry Casting Machine – Pressure Switches monitor the Pressure in the Information Line for correct Processes used in the Casting Process - SUCO Pressure Switch #0167 and SUCO Pressure Switch #0151
  • Cigarette Production Machines – SUCO Pressure Switch #0196 is used to control the Oil Pressure and Cooling Liquid inside the Cooling Circuit of the Electric Motors and Heat Exchangers

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Pressure Sensors for Food Processing Machines

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