(Including Fork Lift Trucks, Hydraulic Cranes, Cargo Lifts, Hydraulic Platforms and Lift Gates)

Whenever people or goods have to be moved SUCO Pressure Switches are working on the job behind the scenes. For example in Forklift Trucks, Hydraulic and Oil Pressure Switches monitor the steering pressure, the brake system, and the fork lifting or shifting.

Other material handling equipment that work reliably with SUCO Pressure Switches include Mobile Cranes, Lifting Platforms, Scissor Platforms, Telescope Platforms, Hydraulic Elevators, Conveying Belts, and Hydraulic Winches.

SUCO Pressure Switch Applications Include The Monitoring Of:

  • Brake Pressure
  • System Pressure
  • Steering Pressure
  • Accumulator Charge
  • Buzzer Alarm
  • Oil Pressure in Drive Train
  • Oil Pressure in Combustion Machine
  • Pressure in Central Llubrication Systems
  • Filter Monitoring


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Material Handling Equipment

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