SUCO Hydraulic and Pneumatic Pressure Switches offers a wide variety of applications in special vehicle systems like Snow Blower Vehicles, Snow All Terrain Vehicles, Tractors for Snow, Salter, Telehandlers, Skid Steers Snow Pusher and more.

  • Ultra-high pressure resistance and bursting pressures are the main characteristics that make SUCO products ideal for steering hydraulics, hydrostatic drives or brake systems.
  • Our pressure switch series can be supplied with a range of integrated connectors such as Deutsch, AMP Superseal, AMP Junior Timer, Bayonet DIN 72585 or Packard MetriPack.


snow and ice removal equipmentSUCO Pressure Switch applications include the monitoring of:

  • Oil and Air Filters
  • Steering Pressure
  • Oil Pressure in the Transmission
  • Accumulator Charge
  • Brake Pressure
  • System Pressure
  • Steering Pressure
  • Buzzer Alarm
  • Oil Pressure in Drive Train
  • Oil Pressure in Combustion Machine
  • Pressure in Central Lubrication Systems


integrated connectors, pressure switches, usaMechanical Pressure Switch Hex 24, Integrated Connectors

  • High overpressure resistance, compact, small switches, available as normally open or normally closed
  • Switching point can be set on site with adjusting screw in the connector
  • Pressure range 0,1 to 150 bar

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integrated connectors, mechanical pressure switchesMechanical Pressure Switch Hex 27, Integrated Connectors

  • Very high overpressure safety
  • Large selection of electrical plug-in types for quick attachment and reliable connection
  • Hysteresis adjustable at factory
  • Pressure range 0,3 to 200 bar

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pressure transducers, suco, usa, pressure sensorsPressure Transducers

  • Ideal choice for mobile hydraulic applications
  • Wetted parts made of stainless steel and titanium ensuring excellent media compatibility
  • Silicon-on-sapphire technology (SoS) for highest reliability, accuracy and reliable process monitoring

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Snow Removal Equipment

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