SUCO Hydraulic and Pneumatic Pressure Switches find a Wide Variety of Applications in Special Vehicle Systems. Some of the SUCO Pressure Switch Applications include the Monitoring of:

  • Doors or Lowering System in Buses
  • Pressure of Air Bellows in Trucks
  • Brake Pressure in Trains

Other SUCO Pressure Switch Applications Include:

  • Service & Utility Vehicles
    • Snow Blower Vehicles
    • Snow All Terrain Vehicles
    • Drilling Machines
    • City Buses, Intercity Buses and Coaches - SUCO Pressure Switch #0168 is used for lowering or “kneeling” the Bus Suspension to reduce the Step Height for Safer Entering of the Bus, and lowering the Axis via De-airing the Air Bellows for gentle Transport of Passengers. SUCO Pressure Switch 0166 is used for the Pneumatic Opening of the Bus doors.
  • Airport Support Vehicles
    • Ground Transportation including Airfield Apron Buses – Once again, SUCO Pressure Switch 0166 is used for the Pneumatic Opening of the Bus doors.
    • Jet Bridges and Jetways
    • Service Vehicles for Refueling Airplanes
    • Towbarless Tractor for Airplanes – The Pressure Switch controls the allocation of Braking Force for the Extra-load - SUCO Pressure Switch #0159
    • Material Handling – (Scissors Platforms for Material and Passenger Handling.) Pressure Switches monitor the Safety Device in the Hydraulic Circle for Overpressure resulting in the switching off of the Pump - SUCO Pressure Switch # 0169

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Special Vehicles: Service & Utility

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