Suco Pressure Switch Catalog
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Mechanical Pressure Switch catalog
Mechanical Pressure Switches Catalog (17 MB)
Electrical Pressure Switches catalog
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Suco Pressure Transducer Catalog
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Pressure Switches for agriclture
Brochure - Agriculture Applications (688 KB)
Pressure Switches for construction
Brochure - Construction Machines (741 KB)
Plasma Cleaning with Pressure Transducers
Brochure - Plasma Cleaning (2.5 MB)
Pressure Switches for Medical applications
Brochure - Medical Applications (745 KB)
Pressure Switches for water management
Brochure - Water Applications (621 KB)
Pressure Switches programmable device
PPD05 Programming Device (457 KB)

download Clutches and brake catalog
Catalog - Transmission Technology (5 MB)
download Energy Wind Turbine brochure
Brochure - Wind Turbine Safety Brake (510 KB)
download Centrigual clutches and brakes brochure
Questionnaire - Centrifugal Clutches and Brakes (1.31 MB)
download Electromagnetic clutches Questionnaire
Questionnaire - Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes (1.14 MB)

Terms and Condition Document

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Pressure Switches how to
Questionnaire - Pressure Monitoring (629 KB)