agriculture-industryLiquid or gaseous oxygen (O2) in compressed form is an essential component of many medical applications,such as respiratory or anesthesia equipment. In autogenous welding or cutting, an oxygen-gas mixture is ignited in a controlled manner to process large work pieces. Strict safety regulations apply when handling oxygen. The colorless and odorless gas itself is not flammable, but accelerates the combustion process of organic substances considerably. Even a small spark is enough to cause lubricants or greases to ignite spontaneously or explode.

As a manufacturer of high quality components for pressure monitoring, SUCO recommends to use onlypressure switches and transmitters with the addition "oil and grease free" when handling oxygen and other highly flammable media. With this procedure, the products are plasma-cleaned in a hermetically sealed process chamber after functional end-of-line testing.  > Continue Reading

With the development of Suco’s mechanical pressure switches with integrated plugs, our company has established itself as a global supplier of the fluid and hydraulic industry.

The resistor circuit according to NAMUR offers an additional diagnostic function ("fail-safe") with short-circuit and cable break detection, which is of special interest for safety-critical systems such as braking systems, hydrostatic steering systems, fire extinguishing systems or automated control valves. > Read More

Pressure Transducer CANopen

SUCO pressure transmitters of the 0630 series support the CANopen transducer protocol (according to CiA DS-301) with a data transmission rate of up to 1 Mbit/s, which has established itself as the standard especially in the automotive and automation industry. The 0631 series is based on the J1939 protocol (according to SAE J1939), which is mainly used in heavy commercial vehicles and mobile machines.

The pressure transmitters of the 063X series are designed for pressure ranges from 0 - 1 bar to 0 - 600 bar. Thanks to their robust stainless steel housing 1.4301 / AISI 304, they combine the advantageous material properties of analog transmitters with the advantages of digital transmission technology. The completely welded measuring cell made of stainless steel 1.4542 is particularly corrosion-resistant and guarantees media compatibility at temperatures from -40°C to +125°C.
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agriculture-industrySUCO supports you in monitoring the hydraulic and pneumatic braking systems with integrated and ready-wired pressure switches and pressure transmitters that have been optimised for the specific requirements of braking systems in agricultural machines. As an international manufacturer with its own development department, SUCO can rely on decades of experience in the field of safety-critical braking systems, especially for mobile machines:

  • Compact mechanical pressure switches with a very high overpressure safety of 600 bar and a max. pressure peak of up to 1000 bar/s have been specially designed for robust applications in the agricultural sector.
  • Mechanical pressure switches can also be used in working machines as a redundant secondary system next to pressure sensors. The direct switching of valves, independent of the central control system, ensures reliable safety monitoring.
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burst pressure switch

mechanical pressure switch

SUCO pressure switches "Made in Germany" are represented in nearly every industrial sector, in which hydraulic or pneumatic pressure must be reliably and safely measured, monitored and controlled. For decades, mechanical pressure switches from SUCO have acquired an excellent reputation worldwide. Its customers include well-known manufacturers in the fields of mobile hydraulics, machine and plant construction, as well as medical and process technology.  > Continue Reading


Compact, robust and reliable against wind, water and extreme weather conditions

SUCO pressure switches are used in a wide variety of applications in agricultural machinery. Our customers in the agricultural industry particularly appreciate the high reliability of our pressure switches even under extreme environmental conditions. This is extremely important because in agriculture, 100% operational readiness is necessary in a usually short period of time, e. g. during harvesting or in soil cultivation.

The agricultural machinery industry is one of the most important fields of application for Suco Technologies. Numerous product features such as robust, splash-proof integrated connectors, the integration of additional electrical components in the PLUS series or the high overpressure resistance, even against hydraulic pressure peaks, have arisen from the requirements of modern agricultural machinery and in cooperation with agricultural machinery manufacturers.

A typical application is pressure monitoring in agricultural machinery such as tractors, tankers, combine harvesters or other harvesting equipment. Our pressure switches with integrated plugs monitor the parking brake or the system pressure of the braking system and thus provide an effective warning against failure of the braking system or give feedback to the control unit about the condition of the parking brake or drive brake.

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