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0150 : Vacuum Switch


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w/ Snap-Action
Micro Switch,
3″…29″ Hg,
Max: 250V

Vacuum Switches performance:

  • Snap-Action Micro Switch with Silver Contacts
  • Field-adjustable pressure range: 3″…29″Hg
  • Differential: typically 1.5″..3″Hg
  • Overpressure Safety: Up to 290 psi (20 bar)
  • Included DIN EN 175301 (DIN 43650) connector
  • Aluminum body
  • Max.: 250 V
  • Seal material: ECO


  • Can be easily wired with included DIN connector
  • Can be mounted two ways, either manifold or direct thread
  • Can handle Up to 290 psi Overpressure