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02XX : Customized Pressure Switch

ready wired mechanical switches, hex 24, hex 27, usa

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Customize any
standard pressure
switch with cable,
protection tube or
sheath, and connector,
Environmental Sealed IP67 or IP6k9k


  • Most pressure switches have a degree of protection IP65
  • IP67 (immersible into 3ft depth of water- remains 100% water tight, 100% dust tight)
  • P6k9k (100%water tight with high pressure water jets from different angles and directions, 100% dust tight)


  • Customized pressure switches are designed to meet your needs, enabling easy implementation to your specific project
  • Any commercially-available connector system can be supplied ready-wired with a customized cable length, as well as a cable protection tube or protection sheath
  • Technical data of customized pressure switches are substantially the same as those of standard models

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