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0650 : Pressure Transducer/Transmitter

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Wetted SS 303,
Vac to 1,450 psi,
Oil-Filled Sensor,
0-10 V, (3-Wire)


  • Stainless Steel Housing: 1.403/AISI 303
  • Wetted Parts Guarantee Highest Media Compatibility in Hydrogen and Oxygen Applications
  • Long-Life Expectancy Even Under High Pressure Ramp Rates
  • Output Signal: 0-10 V, (3-Wire)
  • Overload Factor: Up to 3x Pnom
  • Burst Pressure: Up to 10x Pnom
  • Maximum Rise Rate: ≤14.5 psi/ms (≤1.0 bar/ms)
  • Standard or Customized Pressure Ranges Available
  • Built in Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Response Time (10-90%): <2 ms


  • Specifically Suitable for Low Pressure, including Vacuum Applications
  • High-Sensitive Piezo-Resistive Sensor in the Oil-filled Housing Guarantees High-Accuracy, Repeatability, and Long-Term Stability
  • Different Sealing Materials Allow for Operations in a Wide Range of Temperatures and Media
  • Special Versions (e.g. Cleaned for Oxygen Use) are Available On Request