Transmission Technology

S-Type : Centrifugal Clutch

Centrifugal Clutch, South Florida, USA, Suco

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Clutch w/
3 Flyweights,
4.3…310 Nm

Centrifugal Clutch Features:

  • Torque: 4.3 Nm…310 Nm
  • Bore: Ø 5/8″…1 1/8″ or Ø 15 mm…38 mm
  • Compact and robust design
  • Self-Increasing clutch
  • Performance factor for torque transmission: ca. 1.5
  • Bonded Linings

Clutch Advantages:

  • Guided pins in combination with three flyweights guarantee very smooth operation
  • Low-noise level for noise-sensitive environments or when combusting engine generates high vibrations



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